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Frequently Asked Questions
Have a question that's not listed below?  Contact Katie at

1. Who goes on your tours?

Our clients are adventuresome, curious, energetic people who want to experience a new culture. They want to meet locals, want hands-on experiences, want to do things they wouldn’t have a chance to do otherwise. Our clients do not experience Northern Spain from the window of a bus.

2. Why are your tours limited to 5 people?

As travelers and educators, Nancy and I believe in the power of meaningful interactions. On the tour we make sure our guests have unique opportunities to learn about Northern Spain through hands-on experiences and intimate gatherings. For us, the limit of eight guests makes the best experience for our guests.

3. Why should I take your tour? 

One of the biggest challenges we found with traveling to Northern Spain was the overwhelming amount of activities, museums, landmarks, and places to visit. Another challenge was feeling like a bystander unable to fully experience the region. That’s why Nancy and I decided that coordinating a tour would be worthwhile for our tour guests and worthwhile for us. We’ve taken all the good things that we’ve discovered and made them available to you! You will have experiences that you wouldn’t have on your own or on other tours.

4. What if I don’t speak Spanish or Euskera (Basque)?

Not to worry, Nancy will be with us and she’s fluent in Spanish and will help us along whenever we need it.

As a side note - did you know that Euskera, an official language of the Basque Country, is the oldest language in Europe and its origin is unknown? You’ll be amazed to hear its uniqueness! 

5. What if I make a deposit but not enough people sign up for the tour?

If five people do not sign up for the tour you are given the chance to have your deposit refunded or choose another level. If the minimum of 2 people don’t sign up, your deposit will be refunded or we can discuss a private tour, which we have done for folks in the past.

6. What should I pack?

In March and April the weather can be chilly so be sure and check often before your final packing. You’ll need good walking shoes and some clothing that you’re okay getting wet or dirty. We’re pretty informal, but there will be chances for you to dress it up if you’d like. We’ll provide a detailed list of packing items a few weeks before the trip.

7. How do I get to Madrid, Spain?

Flight costs from the States to Madrid range from $550 - $2000 depending on how and from where you’re traveling. There are many options and it can be overwhelming.  We also highly recommend that you plan a couple of days at each end of the tour so you can explore other parts of Spain.  There are numerous cheap flight options our there.  We tend to use or Expedia, but that is an array of other websites.  We're happy to provide resources when it comes time to purchase tickets.  If you're not accustomed to arranging your own travel, you might contact a local (to your starting destination) travel agency.  They are quite helpful.


8. How do I get from the airport to the hotel for our first night?

Once we have the hotel confirmed we’ll share information about getting from the airport to the hotel.  We're here to help and make sure you get to each destination safely and on time!

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